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DHHO's Purpose

We provide personal Concierges Spa Services in both settings, One on One and group bringing Holistic services with every treatment. Our goal is to promote self-health, detoxification and overall wellness to those that desire it and introduce this wonderful way of life to those who are yet to experience it. An intricate element of the services provided is water, being that the body is comprised of approximately 70% water, we incorporate this into our holistic approach. Our steaming’s are beneficial for both men and women. Honey Pot Steams for women/Men Steaming & Enhancements for men, use a unique combination of herbs, fruits, plants and roots provided by the Universal Creator himself; this is what sets our services apart. With a background in medicine, we bring scientific knowledge to every session; incorporating this science with an all-natural approach to wellness and self-care. Not only will you be pampered, you will be educated, while gaining a better understanding of the process and all the health benefits associated with it.

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